Connecting people with spaces and places
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Connecting people
with spaces and places

We are wayfinding experts
creating perfectly balanced solutions that empower millions of people to move confidently and fluently.


For the past 37 years, we have been part of peoples’ journeys through airports, hospitals, and museums, across cities, campuses, and parks.

From our studios in Amsterdam and New York, we collaborate with the world’s best architects, designers, and experts to create identity and connection through wayfinding.

By integrating Orientation, Navigation, and Experience we design user-centric wayfinding strategies that truly connect people with spaces and places.

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Who we are

Founded on a mission to make things better.

For 35 years, we have designed visual information to move millions confidently and fluently through airports, museums, hospitals, and campuses. As an interdisciplinary design agency, we’re developing cutting-edge solutions on the brink of information and spatial design.

Our creative collective consists of highly skilled wayfinding designers with backgrounds in Architecture, Digital, Industrial design, Psychology, UX, and Graphic design who see themselves as the ambassadors of the user.

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What we do

We develop wayfinding solutions for a wide range of clients.

We combine creative thinking with a strong analytical mindset and integrate spatial insights, psychology, and data into elegant wayfinding systems. Our deliverables include data, spatial analytics, user mapping, journey creation, identity concepts, and cutting-edge information systems.

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How we do it

From strategy to wayfinding
Every wayfinding solution starts with a clear-cut strategy founded on our ONE principle. We define the roles of spatial Orientation, Navigational information, and Experience-based elements to create an identity through wayfinding.

From design to solution
We develop wayfinding interventions that truly connect people with spaces and places. We create user-centric guiding systems by orchestrating tools such as architectural flows, user journeys, and cutting-edge information design. Contextual, connecting, consistent and clear.

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Where we do it

Our wayfinding expertise spans four domains.

Urban, Mobility, Culture, and Healthcare. These environments and their dynamics pose unique challenges to users and their journeys. It is our job to tailor our holistic wayfinding approach to the needs of users within these domains.

In high-traffic environments such as airports or train stations, clarity and consistency are essential. In environments where health and well-being are the highest priority, we balance wayfinding with light, color, and architecture to create healing and empathetic journeys. In museums and parks, we focus on experience by creating an identity through wayfinding.


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