Integrated Journeys.

As transportation modes around the world are rapidly changing into multi-modal mobility hubs, they create many challenges for travellers, yet great opportunities for wayfinding.


Wayfinding for mobility environments is most relevant in the transition for travelers between various modalities. Our goal is to create an integrated and seamless journey from start to finish. Regardless of the modality.

Intuition plays a vital role in how we move safely through unknown environments, yet mobility today remains very much of an analytical process. As technologies become more sophisticated, so will our ability to replace signage and even screens with smart cues and silent nudges to help people navigate vastly different environments.

A wide-angle shot of a blurry man talking on the phone, walking towards a yellow sign displaying gates, directions, a wheelchair path, and the exits in Schiphol airport.
A grey two-dimensional background holds the designs of a basic sign structure, with arrows, measurements, example layouts, and more. The shapes are rectangular and squared with different designs and colors, like yellow, blue, purple, green, blue, black, and white.
From just behind two escalators, we see another view of the Moynihain train station, as travellers walk through an entrance into what is displayed in illuminated letters above the entrance, as a ‘ticketed waiting room.’ Above the letters are colorful graphics of destinations, such as the Paris Arc du Triomphe. Travelers walk through tall beige pillars that hold the structure, gazing towards colorful guidelines on a screen in the pillars.

From airports to railway and metro stations,

we have worked on a wide range of Mobility projects.



Schiphol Airport, NL
Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico
Geneva Airport, CH
Airports of Regions, RU
Milan Linate Airport, IT
São Paulo Int. Airport, BR
Airports Company South Africa, SA
Indira Gandhi Int. Airport, IN
Rajiv Gandhi Int. Airport, IN
GMR Goa Int. Airport, IN
Domodedovo Airport, RU
Naples Int. Airport, IT
Port Authority of NY and NJ, US
Denver Int. Airport, US
Calgary Int. Airport, CA
Fiumicino Airport, IT
Sangster International, JM
Dulles Int. Airport, US


Railway stations

NS / ProRail, NL
Amsterdam Metro (MET), NL
Rotterdam Metro (RET), NL
RandstadRail, NL
Scotrail, UK


Bike systems

Amsterdam bicycle parking, NL
Amsterdam temp. bicycle routes, NL
NS bicycle parking, NL
Amersfoort bicycle parking, NL
Fast cycle route F261, NL


Road traffic

IN-SAFETY VMS harmonization, EU
Fiumicino Airport, IT
Kempegowda ‘Airport City’, IN
Rijkswaterstaat road signage, NL


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