Capabilities that connect millions with their surroundings.

Everyday, all over the world.


Mijksenaar is an interdisciplinary design agency. Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge information and spatial design. Together we are the ambassadors of you, the user.

We recognize wayfinding as an integrated set of tools to connect people with spaces and places.

We empower users to intuitively navigate through their daily routines, reducing stress on the commute, increasing efficiency in offices, enhancing commercial activities at airports and train stations, and enabling leisure and culture to enrich our lives.



“Creating legible spatial surroundings and intuitive personal journeys.”

  • Wayfinding strategy
  • Spatial design
  • Architecture
  • Environmental psychology
  • Data analysis


“Syncing physical and digital information into one seamless system.”

  • UX design
  • Information design
  • Graphic design


“Integrating placemaking and identity to transform generic journeys into intuitive experiences.”

  • Placemaking
  • Concept development
  • Identity development
  • Branding
Our design principles

Every place is different. 

Its purpose and spatial setting define how we, the visitors, read, interact and use the space.

The primary function of a museum, for example, is to immerse its visitors in a story, creating the need for a more identity and journey-driven wayfinding approach. On the other hand, the setting of a busy airport dictates a highly systemic solution that is flexible and unapologetically simple.

Understanding the context, dynamics, and role in the user’s life is key to every wayfinding project.


Beyond navigation.

How we move around, the tools we use to navigate, and how we read and understand our surroundings have changed dramatically. We connect people with places and spaces, empowering and enabling them to move intuitively through the world. We do so by addressing people’s hearts and minds with our inventions.


The world is complicated enough.

Buzzing inner cities, crowded airports, or transportation hubs are places with high levels of distraction and visual stimulation. The clarity in design, style, and language is, therefore, of essence to create mental space to absorb these complex situations and to put us at ease in these surroundings.


Flexibility and consistency.

Surroundings shape-shift constantly and adapt to either commercial needs or organizational changes. Consistency and system-based thinking are essential when creating a wayfinding solution that will last through time and is still working on all levels, regardless of what life throws at it.