Lab is Mijksenaar’s in-house knowledge institute

that supports our wayfinding strategies with research and testing.


To cultivate new insights in our field, we initiate research and establish diverse partnerships that foster innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our findings are disseminated through publications across public and academic forums.

We leverage our research expertise to bolster and guide our design team. This involves employing user-centered research and testing methodologies to ensure our solutions are finely attuned to the needs and behaviors of those navigating the built environment.

And finally, we develop educational programs catering to students, clients, and professionals from diverse backgrounds.  Our wayfinding academy blends theory, practical exercises, and real-world projects, to provide participants with the skills and insights needed to navigate wayfinding design.

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Research & innovation

Through its research endeavors, Mijksenaar Lab aims to bridge the gap between the creative practice of design and the science of wayfinding.

We drive independent research and innovation initiatives, partnering with specialized educational and knowledge institutes. Additionally, we undertake commissioned research projects, investigating how visitors’ present or future wayfinding journeys could be enhanced.

Our approach encompasses a variety of methods, including experiments conducted in laboratory settings, testing of mock-ups and prototypes in real-world environments, observational studies and interviews, online surveys, and more. We actively collaborate with universities and other research institutions to ensure the optimal alignment of expertise with robust research methodologies.

If you’re interested in collaborating or learning more about our research projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We offer a range of educational programs, varying from single workshops to extended courses for students, design professionals, and clients.

Wayfinding is a discipline often overlooked in traditional academic settings. However, its significance is increasingly acknowledged, driving a growing demand for specialized professionals. Mijksenaar Lab offers a range of educational programs tailored to diverse needs, varying from single workshops and lectures to extended courses for students, design professionals, and clients. For facility managers seeking practical insights, we offer hands-on courses rich in practical tips and illustrative examples for effective wayfinding project management.

Our educational approach underscores the multidisciplinary essence of wayfinding. Through a blend of theoretical foundations delivered via lectures, curated reading materials, and interactive group discussions, we provide a robust framework for understanding. Moreover, we enrich learning experiences with real-world applications from our extensive wayfinding portfolio.

Whether you’re interested in a guest lecture, a condensed one-day immersion, or a comprehensive program, we invite you to reach out and explore the possibilities of delving deeper into the world of wayfinding with us.


At Mijksenaar Lab, our team is a dynamic and evolving collective of Mijksenaar employees and interns. Rather than a fixed team, Mijksenaar Lab operates with a fluid roster of experts who rotate in and out based on the demands of specific projects and their unique areas of expertise. This approach allows us to bring the best minds together to tackle diverse challenges in research, development, and education.

The Lab is led by researcher, psychologist, designer and wayfinding expert Fenne Roefs,  ensuring continuity and excellence across all initiatives. Currently pursuing her PhD at VU University, Fenne is focused on further developing her skills as a researcher and broadening our connections to the academic world, which in turn strengthens the Lab’s innovative capabilities.

Additionally, we welcome interns from various backgrounds, enriching our team with fresh perspectives and the latest academic insights. This blend of rotating professionals and permanent leadership enables Mijksenaar Lab to remain at the forefront of wayfinding innovation.


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