Simplified Journeys.

We connect people to spaces and places in urban environments through architecture, information technologies and experience.


Cities around the world are reimagining themselves as human-first environments. To make urban areas more liveable, social, and healthier, cities reclaim precious space for pedestrians, bicycles, green spaces, and terraces.

Cities will always remain complex and chaotic topographies as they are continuously shape-shifting. The role of wayfinding is to make sense of the ‘mess’ and simplify every journey.


From corporate offices to the biggest bike parking of Europe

we have worked on a wide range of Urban projects.


City Wayfinding

Amsterdam Central Station, NL
Amersfoort City Wayfinding, NL
Rotterdam Legibility, NL


Bike systems

Amsterdam Groene Loper, NL
Amsterdam Bike Parking, NL
Shared Mobility Hubs, NL


Office and Education HQ, NL
EDGE Technologies, NL
Groninger FORUM, NL


Public spaces

Wereldhave Retail, NL


Let's talk Urban.


We help you to navigate cities. Through wayfinding, we invite you to experience them with ease and curiosity.

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