ASML — Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Interior and exterior wayfinding strategy and design of ASML Campus in Veldhoven and Berlin
2017 - ongoing
Haan Reclamewerk, ArtinSign, Groeneveld Reclame
Jeroen van der Wielen & Oscar Vinck

Guiding Leaders of Technology

ASML is an innovation leader in the global semiconductor industry.

With their research and development, manufacturing, and customer support, ASML provides semiconductor technology for chipmakers around the world. With offices in more than 60 locations worldwide, ASML employs over 40,000 highly skilled specialists from 145 nationalities.

In order to attract and keep the world’s brightest working for them, a new campus has been developed at their headquarters in the south of the Netherlands.

Mijksenaar has been asked to develop a watertight and globally applicable wayfinding strategy and design, reflecting the innovative spirit and high-tech precision of the company. Not only will this help people to navigate the premises, but to provide an overall sense of quality and connection for all its employees and visitors. Mijksenaar thus became a strategic partner of ASML.

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The working environment at ASML consists of the interior and exterior campus, from the workplace to relaxation areas, parking facilities, central green areas, and canteen facilities. The analysis of the various journeys around the campus delivered insights that were translated into a set of informational needs at each step of the journey, guiding the user through the premises at the main campus as well as at all other ASML locations overseas.



The in-depth analysis of the user journeys and their use of the built environment created a clear picture of the necessary explicit guidance needs, their placement, size, and expression. The bespoke visual style of the pictogram language expresses the company’s visual identity silently and with pride.



The crisp, light, and transparent expression of the wayfinding system reflects the high-tech environment of ASML and references the production technology of semiconductors. To capture this look, laser-sharp edging merges with the cool blue identity of the ASML brand.



By embracing the expansive environment, rich in touch- and information points, a comprehensive set of tools has been developed. Mijksenaar became a strategic partner of ASML, connecting people with their surroundings by the establishment of the recognizable quality represented in the ASML voice of wayfinding.


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