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We are wayfinding experts, on a mission to connect people with spaces and places. Our ‘ONE’ design principle helps us to create perfectly balanced wayfinding solutions through a highly user-centric approach.

Connect people with spaces and places with ONE:

Orientation: creating legible spatial surroundings and intuitive personal journeys, empowering people to navigate confidently and fluently.

Navigation: syncing physical and digital information into one seamless system, with the beauty of simplicity and the nobility of function.

Experience: integrating placemaking and identity to transform generic journeys into intuitive experiences and connections with places and spaces.

Mijksenaar is an interdisciplinary design agency that touches upon information and spatial design. With backgrounds in architecture and psychology, industrial, graphic and UX design, we are a collective of highly skilled wayfinding designers who see themselves as the ambassadors of you, the user.

Wondering how we can help you?

Contact Aad Kalkman:
+31 6 10 19 80 05

Photography: Ian Dooley, Unsplash