The ONE principle.

Creating a perfectly balanced wayfinding strategy by aligning Orientation, Navigation and Experience.


Voor elke strategie die we ontwikkelen, volgen we dezelfde basisstappen: Orientation, Navigation en Experience of ONE. Onze strategieën worden ondersteund door data-analyse, flow-onderzoek en een diepgaand begrip van de context en het gebruik van een ruimte of plek.



Analyzing and using spatial characteristics like rhythm, landmarks, or light conditions of a place to help people intuitively ‘read’ and understand their surroundings without any explicit and written information.



Having established the potential of orientation, we define the need for visual information by mapping the various journey of people and developing the overarching information hierarchy.


Alongside the purely functional aspects of a system, we’re adding “identity through wayfinding.” Adding a sense of place and connection through form, expression, and placemaking elements.