Connecting people with spaces and places

with a perfectly synchronized design approach


Om mensen te helpen zich moeiteloos door hun dagelijkse leven te bewegen en hun algemene reizen om te zetten in intuïtieve ervaringen, moeten alle begeleidingsmiddelen worden georkestreerd in één uniform systeem.

In dit uniforme systeem zijn wayfinding-oplossingen gebaseerd op ruimtelijke inzichten en ontwerp, gebruikersgericht in kaart brengen van de reis, informatieontwerp van wereldklasse, datagestuurde oplossingen en interventies op het gebied van identiteit en placemaking.


Empowering journeys

People on the move have different mindsets and goals. Spaces and places have different functions and purposes. We aim to bring people and their environments together by creating highly intuitive journeys that differ in their emotional, functional, and commercial focus.

Legible spaces

Thinking beyond information as the sole means of guidance, the potential of architectural and spatial interventions is leveraged to create intuitive orientation and navigation. We believe in the importance of natural wayfinding as the ultimate goal of developing legible spaces.


Navigational information

A user-centric wayfinding system should always be based on data, behavioral psychology, and iconic design. We strongly believe in the beauty of simplicity combined with the nobility of function.

Digital integration

Technology promises a seamless journey, but a cohesive experience can only be attained by integrating the digital and physical worlds. We create wayfinding solutions in which physical and digital realms are synced into one empowering user journey.


Meaningful places

For spaces to be engaging and relatable, every visit should be a relevant experience that delights and connects. We develop and orchestrate experiences that generate loyalty and commercial value.

Connecting Identity

A true connection with a space is created by more than its function. Well-balanced identity cues have the power to brand a space and convey a sense of belonging and trust. We create an identity through wayfinding for a connective and meaningful user experience.