In our mission to connect people with spaces and places

we embrace creativity and world-class design to create human-centered solutions.

ING Cedar HQ, Amsterdam. Photo by Blinque Imagineering
Max Kisman for Schiphol Parking
Floriade Expo, 2022
EDGE Olympic, Amsterdam

Creating journeys

In uniting the beauty of simplicity and the nobility of function, we have been without a peer. To help people thrive in the 21st century, we must combine our analytical and design expertise with greater creativity, empathy, and personalization. We create emotional journeys alongside functional ones and shape identity and connection through wayfinding.

Embracing technology

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The challenges and complexities of conveying information are extraordinary. People increasingly turn to technology to help them navigate their environments and lives. While technology promises to make every journey seamless, it is not enough. We promise to make every journey intuitive.

Empowering people

By integrating behavioral psychology and multidisciplinary thinking into our wayfinding data and analysis, we empower people to navigate confidently and fluently. We help them move effortlessly through their daily lives, transform their generic journeys into intuitive experiences, and truly connect people with spaces and places.