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De Hoge Rielen Resort

A car-free, educational resort

De Hoge Rielen, a military domain of old, approx. 230 hectares, has been transformed into an area intended for educational and pedagogical activities. The resort lies in the midst of nature in De Kempen (Belgium).

De Hoge Rielen is a car-free domain, where emphasis lies on experiencing nature on foot and by bike. In order to achieve this goal, Mijksenaar was asked for flow advice. The modification of parking spaces and the construction of a small passage to relieve the central reception area from heavy traffic (suppliers, goods) are the two main improvements.

To help the, mostly younger, guests to find their way to their accommodation, we renumbered all stays and camping pitches to have a specific name, a specific color and a symbol.
Finger posts help them on their way; the newly developed map contains landmarks to pinpoint interesting places in the area. With the addition of walking distances and times, the walkability of the area is emphasized.

Wayfinding Consultant for Concept, Strategy, Workshops, Design, Maps




De Hoge Rielen

Kasterlee, Belgium



Adaptations to a car-free domain (left: before, right: after)


The hostel design by architects Secchi-Vigano has been beautifully integrated in the green environment (image: De Hoge Rielen / Frederik Buyckx)


A number of the symbols developed for Hoge Rielen's stays


Building 58 or ‘Sprinkhaan’, which is easier to remember?