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What colour can (and can’t) do for wayfinding – SDS Seminar

About the event

Paul Mijksenaar believes that ‘colour is the richest, most emotional, and most powerful means of visual communication and stretches beyond cultural boundaries; so use it accordingly and don’t spoil it …’.
This talk provides a fascinating overview of the use of colour in wayfinding systems for transport hubs, healthcare facilities, museums and other built environments. Paul presents ideas on the emotional, cognitive and perceptual criteria for using colour, based on applied science studies and his professional expertise from almost 50 years of wayfinding design practice.

The focus of this event is on colour and its role in the process of navigation, whilst acknowledging that it is just one element of wayfinding systems; others being typography, sign layout, and visual and textual information. Paul explores the strengths and weaknesses of using colour and will show some of the pitfalls caused by common misunderstandings of how to use colour effectively. He’ll also share 10 key recommendations to be considered.

Note: This presentation is based on Paul Mijksenaar’s 2012 SEGD talk in Phoenix, USA.


This talk is free for SDS members. For non-members, the ticket cost is £10 per person. To join our Zoom talk, please get in touch with our administrator Kate at for the event link, ID, and password.

SDS Seminar: What Colour Can (and Can’t) Do for Wayfinding with Paul Mijksenaar

Thursday 22 April 2021
18:00 GMT

Photo Copyright: An-Sofie Kesteleyn

What colour can (and can’t) do for wayfinding (in Dutch)