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Welcome to Utrecht Central station 2.0!

Hasan Gök just started as our communications intern, and visited Utrecht Central station yesterday. Read his story to learn what struck him.

Utrecht Central station is the most important railway station in The Netherlands. Many people transfer here to other trains, buses or trams in order to continue the journey to their destination. With an annual flow of approximately 88 million visitors, Utrecht Central station counts more heads than Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or JFK Airport in New York. 
Optimizing the wayfinding for a large station like this, definitely posed a challenge.

Collaboration was paramount
For Mijksenaar the project started in 2008. The station has now been transformed from a dark and gloomy hall to a futuristic space with more exposure to light grouped with plenty of stores that are eligible to facilitate the visitors while they wait for their trains.

Together with Benthem Crouwel Architects we collaborated with additional parties in order to realize this extraordinary end result. Think of: the Municipality of Utrecht, ProRail, Dutch Railways (NS) and the fire department. This alliance will continue to exist in order to retain a more comfortable and practical Utrecht Central station. For example taking care of an easy access to the Hoog Catharijne mall, the new city hall, and the largest bicycle parking space in the world!


Utrecht CS oozes clarity
During my walk through the new station I found it striking to notice how large and open the space has become. With a lot of light and glass surroundings, the aesthetics of the building have been lifted to a higher standard. Despite the tremendous amount of travelers that visit the station daily, the spacious area does not visually show this. The platforms are easily accessible in all serenity and comfort. The extra large signs were designed specifically for Utrecht Central station due to the vast scale of the station.

Today, the new Utrecht Central station reopens. Time for a celebration! Not only will the Dutch Railways employees Trudy and Robert tie the knot, there will also be music, and a pop up cinema.
See you #opUtrechtCentraal!