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Selection of international airport projects

GMR Goa International Airport, Goa, India (in development)

  • wayfinding strategy & inventory
  • natural wayfinding advice in cooperation with architect
  • sign plans & programming

IGIA T1, New Delhi & Hyderabad International Airport, India (2019–ongoing)

  • expert walkthroughs
  • flow analysis
  • wayfinding signage plan
  • wayfinding manual for all GMR Group airports

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (2019–ongoing)

  • TBA – to be announced

Calgary International Airport, Canada (2018–ongoing)

  • development of a new digital wayfinding strategy

Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports, Italy (2018–ongoing)

  • new set of 130 pictograms for Linate (to be implemented at Malpensa)
  • comprehensive wayfinding strategy and design for Linate (incl. retail)

Denver International Airport, U.S. (2018–ongoing) →

  • dedicated wayfinding consultant
  • wayfinding strategy Great Hall renovation
  • permanent wayfinding strategy

Brussels Airport – Pier B, Belgium (2018) →

  • flow & routing advice boarding/deboarding at Pier B
    (Pier B handles intercontinental flights i.e. Airbus A380)
  • to increase passenger expierence and optimize processes

Airports of Regions, Russia (2017–2019)

  • wayfinding analysis & strategy for 5 airports
    Saratov Gagarin Airport
  • custom design
  • interactive totem for airport/flight information

Aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino, West Hub, Italy (2017–2019)

  • signage plan new pier & commercial buildings
  • flow advice
  • numbering of the dual-use gates
  • building spatial zoning manual
  • digital signage strategy for airport extension

Geneva International Airport, Aile est, Switzerland (2013–ongoing) →

  • wayfinding consultant
  • advice on passenger flows and gate numbering

Geneva International Airport, Switzerland (2013–2018) →

  • strategic wayfinding system
  • spatial zoning plan
  • wayfinding system forecourt (check-in/arrivals levels)

Grupo Aeropuertario del Pacifico (GAP), Mexico (2018–ongoing)

  • new sign layout design & sign plans for 4 airports: Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and San Jose del Cabo
  • wayfinding manual, including:
    • wayfinding strategy (for all GAP airports)
    • spatial zoning advice
    • information on placement of signs, grid, spacing, categorization
    • design and design elements
    • sign type overview and functional specifications

Wellington International Airport, New Zealand (2015–2016) →

  • interaction existing wayfinding and building layout
  • spatial zoning advice
  • evaluation of commercial signage, services and building facilities

Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Russia (2015–2016)

  • wayfinding analysis of airport parking & access road information
  • benchmark of world class airport parking facilities
  • wayfinding strategy with 3 design concepts

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Schiphol Group, NL (1990–ongoing) →
Over the years, Mijksenaar has been involved in numerous projects at Schiphol. Next to general analysis, wayfinding advice and wayfinding projects inside the terminal, Mijksenaar was involved in projects for terminal access roads.
A selection of more recent projects:

  • wayfinding plan for bus gates at Schiphol
  • wayfinding plans for Holland Boulevard
  • wayfinding strategy dedicated official taxi stand Jan Dellaertplein
  • Terminal 1 redevelopment One-XS
    • for entire departing process
    • security filters
    • flows
  • annual updates of the CIP maps (Central Information Points, CIPs)
  • advice report on use of color on displays
  • wayfinding vision for Schiphol Plaza
  • ‘Dangerous goods’ pictogram set

Eindhoven Airport, Eindhoven, NL (ongoing)

  • wayfinding plans on basis of Schiphol system
  • flow advice self-service area

Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Rotterdam, NL (ongoing)

  • wayfinding plans on basis of Schiphol system

Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean (2008, 2015)

  • comprehensive wayfinding system
  • instructions and terminal maps
  • wayfinding review (2015)

Indira Gandhi International Airport – Media guidelines T3 (2014) →

  • media guidelines
  • retail wayfinding
  • instructions

Indira Gandhi International Airport – T3, New Delhi, India (2011–2014) →

  • strategic wayfinding system
  • spatial zoning plan
  • numbering staff areas
  • airport map

Fiumicino, Aeroporto di Roma, Rome, Italy – Approach roads (2012) →

  • wayfinding analysis
  • spatial zoning plan
  • new wayfinding system

Airports South Africa ACSA (2012)

  • wayfinding quick scan of: O.R. Tambo,
    Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports
  • passenger journey assessment

HIA Airport City, Doha, Qatar – Masterplan (2012) →

  • wayfinding masterplan for OMA
  • comprehensive wayfinding system
  • incl. cyclist and pedestrian wayfinding

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France – Terminal 1 & 2 (2013)

  • expert walkthroughs
  • flow advice report
  • media zoning advice report

São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Brazil (2011–2013) →

  • comprehensive wayfinding system Terminal 1, 2 & 4
  • wayfinding manual
  • spatial zoning plan
  • instructions and terminal maps

Napoli International Airport, Napels, Italy (2011–2012)

  • wayfinding consultant
  • development of comprehensive wayfinding

New York Airports, New York, U.S. (2004–2015)

  • design of strategic wayfinding system for 4 airports
  • wayfinding manual for PANYNJ airports
  • development of the AirTrain map
  • updates for Terminal 4

Washington Dulles International Airport, U.S. (2005–2010) →

  • development of strategic wayfinding system
  • development of new wayfinding manual and AeroTrain map
  • implementation of signage system at Concourses A, B

Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany – Masterplan (2007) →

  • wayfinding masterplan for Fraport Group (not implemented)

Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2006–2007)

  • comprehensive wayfinding system Terminal 1, 2 & 4
  • wayfinding for road signage, curbside and parking Terminal 1 & 2
  • wayfinding manual

Athens International Airport, Athens, Greece (2005–2006)

  • comprehensive wayfinding system
  • wayfinding manual

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Sardinia, Italy (2001–2002)

  • comprehensive wayfinding system
  • media zoning advice report

Peer reviews

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, U.S.

  • peer reviews

JFK Airport, New York, U.S. – Terminal 5

  • peer review for Arup

photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport