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The Information Design bible is here

It features a comprehensible chapter on Wayfinding Strategy by colleagues Fenne Roefs and Paul Mijksenaar.

From the foreword by Erik Spiekermann:
Identifying the problem and analysing the context and audience before shaping the message: this used to be what information design was all about. And whatever the medium, substrate, or location, this is what we are still called upon to do. Information design can show the way through – and perhaps out of – the jungle that is our modern world. Applied properly, it can turn data into information and information into effective communica­tion and appropriate action.
I am very happy that our discipline has finally come of age and that we now have our own bible to prove it.

Information Design – Research and Practice provides 750 (expertly designed) pages to show just how complex and multifaceted the history, the methodology, and the practice of information design are.

Available from January 3rd, 2017 via Routledge