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The 2021 Digital Airport Index North America – Significant shifts

The update of the Digital Airport Index shows some interesting differences in trends between North America and Europe.
Since we first published our findings in 2017, there have been some major shifts in rankings amongst North American airports. This is likely driven by changes in digital trends overall, with significant expansion of self-service offerings, automation and interactive services. These will certainly continue to escalate as airports react to passenger needs.

Many of the airports surveyed are proactively engaging their customers through the introduction of real-time information and commerce offerings such as online shopping and interactive maps.

Minneapolis−Saint Paul, previously in the middle of our rankings, has climbed to the top of the survey. Other notable improvements include LAX and HOU in the runner-up spot, both previously ranked in the bottom half, as well as both Newark and LaGuardia, which now places all major New York airports amongst the top rankings.

Photo Copyright: MSP Airports

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