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The 2020 Digital Airport Index Europe – Digital has gone mainstream

In the past year many airports scaled back their investments in digital technology. However it was also a year in which many travelers made a digital leap forwards that they won’t take back.

We researched for this edition in early summer 2020 so the effects of the pandemic will not be visible in this edition. But it sure does make us curious what we’ll find in the next Europe edition, scheduled for 2022.
Digital solutions have become more mature and more prevalent at all airports. There are no huge shifts in the ranking of the airports this years because airports are building on their existing digital infrastructure instead of starting from zero.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is a newcomer in the top 7. We are happy to see them in the top tier, for this proves that digital transformation isn’t limited to the major airports.
Schiphol Airport shares the top ranking with Manchester Airport, which has been steadily climbing up over the years. Congratulations, Manchester and Schiphol!

Photo Copyright: Finavia Corp

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