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The 2019 Digital Airport Index – Are you digital enough for your passengers?

Shiny restrooms, lavish lounges and flawless signage aren’t sufficient the make the modern passenger happy – they also want up-to-date and personalized information, and meaningful interaction at every step of their journey.

The 2019 Digital Airport Index – is an independent and objective study on the level of digital services at 50 busiest airports per region. These reports follow the 2017 Digital Airport Indexes that were published in 2017 and 2018. The 2019 Index compares and rates the digital passenger services using the following criteria: Connectivity, Communication, Consistency and Commerce.

Here are some takeaways:

Results Americas

First place on the Index Americas is shared by three airports. Atlanta, Los Angeles and Montréal all scored 11 out of the 16 possible points – which is below the top scoring airports in Europe. Atlanta and Montréal climbed up one spot compared to 2017, while Los Angeles climbed an astonishing 25 places.

Results Europe

This year’s top-ranking European airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, climbed 7 places to the top spot. We found a strong pack of runners up in Charles de Gaulle Airport, Manchester Airport and Gatwick Airport. These three airports share second place, scoring only one point below Schiphol. Gatwick climbed 30 places, which goes to show that established airports can make fast progress when digital services are given the attention they deserve.

What else is new?

For the 2019 edition of the Digital Airport Index, we’ve revised the measurement criteria and made them more granular. And we’ve checked if an airport provides an API. An airport’s API is available for third parties to get live data about, for example, flight data and waiting times at security.

Data for the 2019 Digital Airport Indexes was gathered in Spring of 2019.
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image © Flughafen München