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Park your bike 7 meters under sea level. It’s a Dutch thing.

The largest bicycle parking facility in Amsterdam – containing approximately 7,000 spaces – will be built more than 9 meters below ground level in front of the main entrance to Amsterdam Central Station (and even has a dam!).

SEGD 2021 Wayfinding + Placemaking Symposium

Anna de Jonge and Carla Ramírez Sosa will talk about what designing an inclusive environment for everyone means by sharing their proposal for an inclusive restrooms standard.

The 2021 Digital Airport Index North America – Significant shifts

Since we first published our findings in 2017, there have been some major shifts in rankings amongst North American airports.

‘Barcelona wants to become a 100% cycling city’

Interview with Sílvia Casorrán – Deputy Chief Architect at Barcelona City Council

Stefan Pangratz interviewed for BNO Creative Directors Forum

As part of the BNO Creative Directors Forum, Graham Sturt interviews leading Creative Directors about the transition from Designer to Creative Director. This episode: Stefan Pangratz of Mijksenaar.

What colour can (and can’t) do for wayfinding – SDS Seminar

Paul Mijksenaar believes that ‘colour is the richest, most emotional, and most powerful means of visual communication and stretches beyond cultural boundaries; so use it accordingly and don’t spoil it ….’

The KMSKA is ready for art and visitors

The renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) is complete. The original museum has been restored to its former glory and the new museum has been woven into it like a modern box, creating an exciting building.

Mijksenaar on mission Floriade: Connecting people with green solutions

We’re looking forward to connect all two million visitors to Floriade Expo 2022!

Moynihan Train Hall: New York’s newest landmark station

Mijksenaar is honored to have contributed as a wayfinding consultant to the success of the newly opened Moynihan Train Hall station. The station ushers the return to a glamorous era of rail travel associated with the original Pennsylvania Station.

The 2020 Digital Airport Index Europe – Digital has gone mainstream

In the past year many airports scaled back their investments in digital technology. However it was also a year in which many travelers made a digital leap forwards that they won’t take back.

Wayfinding for a vertical forest? We’re taking care of it!

Wonderwoods is an exceptional green island oasis for living, working and relaxing in Utrecht. Wayfinding is the visual language that connect its two tall towers and its visitors; Mijksenaar is taking care of it!

The ultimate all-gender restroom symbol is here!

Public restrooms have become a focal point for LGBTQ+ people whose needs are not met by current design standards. Motivated by questions from several clients, we realized it was time to rethink the wayfinding for restrooms.

How efficient is your airport’s wayfinding?

Mijksenaar has teamed up with J.D. Power, the global consumer research firm, to bring you the Signage Special Report.

New wayfinding for Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, designed by Mijksenaar

We are proud to announce that the Amsterdam UMC has called on us for advice on new wayfinding in all of its public buildings.

Rail transit after Covid-19 → Download our white paper

Receive the Mijksenaar white paper on rail transit and Covid-19!

Museums after Covid-19 → Download our white paper

Receive the Mijksenaar white paper on museums and Covid-19!

Airports after Covid-19 → Download our white paper

Receive the Mijksenaar white paper on airports and Covid-19!

Mijksenaar designs and develops Covid-19 sign toolbox for ProRail

ProRail asked Mijksenaar to develop a sign toolbox to communicate the new Covid-19 safety measures in all stations

New ‘behavior’ needs clear, consistent and communicative guidance

Navigating the ‘new normal’ – what does this mean for your city?