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Silver IIIDaward for Bicycle Parking Rules project

Mijksenaar has been awarded a Silver IIIDaward (Traffic and Public Transports category), by the International Institute for Information Design, for our project ‘Bicycle Rules’.
The renowned IIIDawards are awarded every three years to acknowledge the best projects in information design.

With this project, we answered an urgent question for the municipality of Amsterdam: how to make bicycle parking spaces easier to find, and communication about bicycle parking rules clearer. This has resulted in a 41% increase (now 72%) of awareness of bicycle parking rules with Amsterdam citizens.

About the project
More and more people in Amsterdam use the bicycle as their preferred way of transport. The municipality encourages this development; over the last years it has become a big challenge for Amsterdam to ensure sufficient parking for cyclists. It is a challenge to make it attractive for cyclists to use these amenities, and know how to find them.
Mijksenaar has designed a strategy for bicycle parking rules and advised on consistent communication of these rules. We established an increase of awareness of existing parking capacity, and made bicycle parking spaces easier to find.
Chris Olivers (professor of Cognitive Psychology at VU University), Gerard Tertoolen (founder of XTNT, and traffic psychologist), and Henk Siemonsma (DSGN.FRM) acted as our sounding board.

More cities to follow
Since the start of the project in 2016 we have been approached by a number of cities such as Alkmaar, The Hague, and Utrecht to help them improve bicycle parking. With this commended project we hope to set an example, be an inspiration and develop bicycle parking culture throughout cities worldwide.

Photo Copyright: Image: Marjolijn Pokorny