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Zernike Campus Groningen

‘Creating new connections’

Zernike Campus Groningen   Period: 2014–2016

The dynamic and diverse Zernike Campus Groningen (ZCG) is the seat of Groningen University, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, various companies, sport complexes and student accommodations.
Because of the site’s expansion and its changed use, ZCG commissioned us to design the new system, once again putting trust in Mijksenaar.

Looking at the challenge afresh, but with all of the knowledge garnered during the previous project in the back of our minds, Mijksenaar created a bilingual system that serves all of the area’s users.

It was essential to involve the client; a collaboration of the parties housed on the campus, the City and the Province. Generating support for our solutions were therefore critical to the success of the project. To this end, Mijksenaar organized lively workshops and built full-sized mock-ups.
Els Bijholt (advisor Zernike Campus, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen):
‘Now that the end result is visible, it’s clear that students, staff, companies and visitors are very happy with this look, which is classy and fits the atmosphere associated with the Zernike Campus: our international students flock to the signs that display the layout of the grounds.’



Fingerposts on the campus grounds


Totems placed at decision points provide directional information as well as overview maps