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The Dutch Open Air Museum

Discover the Canon of Dutch history

The Netherlands Open Air Museum reveals the history of the Netherlands, in buildings, gardens, objects, and demonstrations. Since the museum has a lot to offer, Mijksenaar was called in to help visitors discover the stories the museum has to tell as well as finding a specific destination. The layering of the museum is accessible through a sophisticated wayfinding strategy. A map plays a prominent role in the accessibility.

Widely supported
Important choices in the arrangement of the museum grounds and the entrance were achieved in collaboration with landscape architects Veenenbos en Bosch and Mecanoo Architecten.
Mijksenaar worked closely with a dedicated in-house project team to establish a widely supported strategy. This ensures proper maintenance of the wayfinding system for now and in the future. To personalize the experience, the museum has a ‘node’ system network.

Wayfinding Consultant for Concept, Strategy, Workshops, Design, Maps




Netherlands Open Air Museum

Arnhem, Netherlands



Entrance to the interior of the ‘Canon of Dutch History’


Directional finger posts containing the node system network


The node system network up close


Maps play an prominent role in the accessibility, especially for younger visitors who depend mostly on the symbols


Maps correspond with other wayfinding elements within the park, such as the node network