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Rotterdam City Wayfinding

Rotterdam is ‘hard to get’
The City of Rotterdam ranks highly in several international lists of ‘must-see-cities’, like the City Top 10 by Rough Guide and the list of 52 Places to Go by the New York Times. Clearly, Rotterdam has much to offer to its visitors and residents. However, many of the architectural and cultural gems in the city are hard to find. One of the reasons is the fact that Rotterdam lacks a historical center. Instead, cultural, commercial and architectural highlights are scattered over the city. You have to know where to look.

Vision on Rotterdam City Wayfinding

In 2016, the Rotterdam municipality commisssioned Mijksenaar to develop a Vision on City Wayfinding for Rotterdam. In order to gain broad understanding as well support among stakeholders, Mijksenaar performed an extensive analysis and organized workshops and presentations. The resulting vision document received wide approval among the municipality and other stakeholders, like the RET (the city’s public transport company), Rotterdam Tourist Information and retailers associations.

The new wayfinding system

In 2017, Mijksenaar created a wayfinding strategy, design, and city sign plan for Rotterdam. The system makes use of clear graphics, indications of walking distances, you-are-here maps and illustrations of iconic buildings and landmarks. The location strategy takes into account the different kinds and sizes of touchpoints, including main destinations, pedestrian routes and nodes, public transport and parking garages as well as bicycle parkings and rental locations.

Recently, the designs were shown to stakeholders and other interested parties at the ‘Rotterdam City Center Symposium’. For this demonstration, Mijksenaar used augmented reality to bring the design concepts to life.
Realisation is planned to be carried out in 2018, depending on the final approval and budget allocation by the municipality.