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Qatar Integrated Railway Project

Functionality and clarity in 100 metro stations

Qatar Rail   Completion: 2014–ongoing

The wayfinding project for Qatar Rail has two aims: make the architecture look its best, and allow passengers to navigate the stations with ease. To ensure natural flows, Mijksenaar provided input and feedback concerning the (floor) plans in a series of workshops with the architect.

Functionality and clarity are paramount in Qatar Rail’s information system. Contrasting colours, typography and graphic style are an integral part of the information system: from outside to inside, from signage to floor plan. This emphasizes the coherence and recognizability of the wayfinding family. The emergency signage is an integral part of the system.

The result is comprehensible and clear. All elements speak the same literal and metaphorical language. This ensures a high degree of recognizability, and ease of use.

The ultimate goal is, of course, to provide future users with a safe and pleasant journey.

Qatar Railways Company

Artist impression of a specific metro station (image: UNStudio)

Qatar Railways Company - sign type overview

Wayfinding system for Qatar Rail