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Mexican Airports – GAP

This is Mexico

Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico or ‘GAP’ operates 12 airports in Mexico’s Pacific region. The objective for this project was to create a new wayfinding strategy, that would make a visit to their airports as easy and effortless as possible. From the visitors’ arrival and their stay in the area until his departure. Visitors will be reassured by providing directions, information and instruction.

We proposed an attractive and tailored design that supports GAP’s visual identity, and adds to the sense of place. The use of color plays a very important role. A complete new and custom-made set of pictograms, completes the picture.

The new wayfinding strategy will be implemented in the next year.

Customer demand

  • Wayfinding system for Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico (GAP) airports;
  • Clear, functional strategy to ensure a smooth and easy journey for the passengers visiting GAP’s airports;
  • Attractive and tailored design to fit the identity of the airports and architecture;
  • Strategy and design both ready to be implemented in other GAP airports in Mexico.

Result (deliverables)

  • A new sign lay-out design (including all design elements);
  • Sign plans and individual sign lay-outs for 4 airports: Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and San Jose del Cabo;
  • A wayfinding manual, including Wayfinding strategy;
  • Design and design elements;
  • Spatial zoning advice.

(main image: Los Cabos Airport)

Wayfinding & identity: a Mexican story

Two years ago, Lara Pérez-Porro arrived in Amsterdam to join Mijksenaar’s team and, in two weeks, found herself on a plane to Guadalajara, Mexico, together with her Dutch colleagues. The purpose of the trip was to work on the Signage Manual for GAP, the company operating 12 airports in the Pacific region.

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Grupo Aeropuertario del Pacífico (GAP)

Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and San Jose del Cabo Airports



  • Wayfinding manual, including wayfinding strategy (to be implemented at all GAP airports)
  • Design and design elements
  • Spatial zoning advice