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Mekelpark – Delft University of Technology

A campus with a ‘green heart

Delft University of Technology / Frans van Mourik vorm en inhoud Period: 2010–2014

During the redesign of the university campus, Delft University of Technology gained a ‘green heart’ for students through the creation of a linear park along the former Mekelweg. All existing parking spaces were moved to the backside of the adjacent buildings.
The wayfinding system includes signs for cyclists and pedestrians at the overall university campus.

The Mijksenaar team has worked closely with TU Delft’s in-house designer during the project. Alterations of the original wayfinding strategy i.e. changes to campus maps are continuously implemented with Mijksenaar’s intervention.

Mijksenaar - Mekelpark

Identification sign for TU Delft's iconic library

Mijksenaar - Mekelpark

A signpost bearing the TU Delft logo mark