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Meander MC, Amersfoort

Wayfinding for an award-winning hospital

In 2013, two branches of the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort were merged into a new hospital.

Healing environment
The structure located at the edge of the city is built like an extension of the surrounding riverside park. Patients and visitors are given the impression of walking in a healing natural environment.

Mijksenaar’s wayfinding system connects to this idea by taking the concept of the avenue and squares literally. Building entrances adjacent to these areas have become ‘addresses’. Life-size street signs at the corners of each square reinforce this metaphor. At both main entrances, visitors can look up their destination on large information panels.

Inside, special attention has been paid to the numbering of departments and rooms. Room numbers are at the same approximate location on all seven floors.

The system accounts for future building expansions (on the northern part of the premises). Mijksenaar also developed a solution for the complex ground-floor parking facility.




Meander Medical Center

Amersfoort, Netherlands


Winner WAN Award Healthcare 2014

Meander MC - Mijksenaar

Main entrance hall

Meander MC - Mijksenaar

Floor map for Meander MC Amersfoort