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Kunstsite deSingel

A platform for cultural bliss

deSingel art site in Antwerp houses three cultural institutions, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten, The Flanders Architecture Institute, and some members of the broadcasting media.

The old webiste offered no overview of these organizations in deSingel art site. Mijksenaar developed a landing page to easily navigate to:

  • general information about art site deSingel (architecture and history);
  • general information about the organization of deSingel.

as well as to:

  • create more feedback from users to deSingel’s webites;
  • show an ‘umbrella’ agenda for all;
  • institutions.

The landing page (see image above) was developed for desktops and for mobile devices. Webdesign is by SYSTƎME D.

More projects for deSingel.




deSingel International Arts Campus

Antwerp, Belgium