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HIA Airport City – Master plan

A comprehensive wayfinding master plan

OMA   Completion: 2012

HIA Airport City is a new 10-km2 development where 200,000 people will live and work, linking the new Hamad International Airport with the city of Doha, Qatar.

OMA’s masterplan comprises a series of four circular districts along a ‘green spine’ parallel to the HIA runways, intended to create a strong visual identity and connect districts with unique identities.
Phase One of the 30-year master plan, which links airside and landside developments for business, retail and residences, will be mostly complete by 2022.

Mijksenaar’s wayfinding system supports the visual identity of Airport City. The use of colour plays an important part in this.
Wayfinding for cyclists and pedestrians is an important factor in the plan; the client hopes to give cycling a positive impulse.

Mijksenaar also offered specific advice on the layout and design of the traffic signs in the area.

HIA Airport City - Mijksenaar

Proposals for pedestrian wayfinding (including maps) in Airport City