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Forum Groningen

A life-sized search engine, designed for endless browsing

Forum Groningen is a cultural breeding ground. There is space to debate, five cinemas, two exhibition halls, a roof square and last but not least, a library.

With this many functions it is crucial that the information is clear everywhere.
Mijksenaar applied different design variations for the floor numbers throughout the 10-storey building. These graphics fit the interior architecture of the floor you visit. Because sometimes you end up on the cinema or the exhibition floor and sometimes on the Storyworld floor.
This solution by the interior architects and the architect helps you recognize the floor once you’ve arrived there.

‘… The building is a kind of life-sized search engine, designed for endless browsing; you will find more than you were looking for.’

Dutch Design Award 2020 – winner category HABITAT





Gemeente Groningen en Groninger Forum


Comprehensive wayfinding system (incl. parking) | Theme categorization | Naming & numbering

NL Architects, deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser architectencollectief, &prast&hooft, G2K Creative Agency, Gemeente Groningen, Forum Groningen

interior Forum Groningen

Interior Forum Groningen

interior Forum Groningen, floor number

Graphics on 8th floor

interior Forum Groningen

Interior of 8th floor Forum Groningen

interior Forum Groningen

Escalators Forum Groningen