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Floriade World Horticultural Expo 2012

Sustainable from start to finish

Arcadis   Period: 2011–2012

Floriade 2012, with 40 participating countries, received over 2 million mostly foreign visitors in 6 months.

One of the driving forces within the development of the park was the element of sustainability. Mijksenaar designed an environmentally friendly signage system, constructed from recycled, renewable and biodegradable materials. After the closure of this temporary event, all waste materials were recycled.

Mijksenaar developed the wayfinding strategy, 3D, and graphic design for the wayfinding in the Floriade park (together with Arcadis, Floriade’s landscape architects). This strategy is based on the five distinct ‘worlds’ that Arcadis had created.

The system was multilingual (English, German, Dutch) and made use of internationally recognized pictograms, to be understandable for all visitors.

Mijksenaar - Floriade2012

Large canvases indicate destinations like Kiosks

Mijksenaar - Floriade2012

Design for all; accessible wheelchair route at Floriade 2012