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EDGE Olympic Amsterdam

This building knows your next meeting

OVG Real Estate  Completion: 2018–2019

At EDGE Olympic sophisticated digital infrastructure and good design are used to create an optimal work environment for its users, helping them to excel.

Sustainability was one of the key aspects of this project. EDGE Olympic has been designed to minimize its environmental impact. Instead of demolishing the original building on the Zuidas area it was redeveloped.

Mijksenaar created a wayfinding system fitting this progressive building. The system uses durable materials that match the look and feel of the interior. The information on the signs is easily adaptable thus ensuring a long lifespan.


The identification totem at the entrance shows all tenants at EDGE Olympic


The floor numbers direct towards your appointment


A blend of signage materials and interior design


Clear non-obtrusive floor identification


The ‘Cuddle Puddle’ – time to relax