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City wayfinding Amersfoort

How far by foot?

Each year, over 1.2 million Dutch tourists visit the city of Amersfoort, and an increasing number of business travelers are staying in the region. A well-functioning and clear wayfinding system invites these visitors to explore the city and tempts them to extend their stay. This is essential for the cultural and economic development of Amersfoort.

Walking times
The new signposting not only helps visitors navigate and find their way, but it also entices people to discover more in the city. Many destinations, including historic buildings, museums and parks, have a designated icon making it immediately clear what kind of place it is.
The walking times on floor plans and directional signs emphasize the walkability of the city center.

Wayfinding consultant, concept, workshops and design

(main image: Wout Ritzema (Blinque) / Van Beem & Van Haagen)



Municipality of Amersfoort

Amersfoort, Netherlands



A visit to Amersfoort starting at the railway station


Fingerpointers designate each area in the city


Find your location on the map to see what museums, parks, squares are there to discover


Fingerpointers lead the way for cyclists as well as pedestrians


Visitors exploring the bustling city center