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Providing a clear guide to 7 million items, Utrecht   Period: 2017, one of the largest Dutch webshops
Last September, one of the largest Dutch webshops, opened the fulfillment center, a highly innovative mixed-use facility for sorting, selecting and packing orders for shipment.
The center has 7 km of conveyor belts as well as storage room for up to 7 million items. A wide variety of functions under one roof is used by a large number of users, such as permanent floor staff, seasonal workers, technical support staff, suppliers and drivers. A facility with this much foot traffic requires a reliable, easy-to-use signage system.

Because the fulfilment center planners had a hard time determining routes and turning user requirements into a sign plan, they asked Mijksenaar to plan and design a wayfinding system.

Workshops with involved parties
Mijksenaar initiated three workshops with involved parties, including end users of the fulfilment center, to ensure that all process demands and all users needs were to be addressed. Together with an analysis of the building’s layout and the anticipated user flows, these workshops led to a wayfinding strategy and, eventually, to a design based on’s corporate identity.

Mijksenaar’s strategy provides old and new employees with a clear guide to all facilities and their workplaces, whether this is one one of the large open floors or an individual station of the client’s sorting, selecting and packing process.

The fulfilment center carries an ‘outstanding’ BREEAM-NL score.


Directional signage inside the fulfilment center


Signage below the 7 km of conveyor belts