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Artis – Royal Amsterdam Zoo

A visual hit

Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam   Completion: 2009–2012

According to Artis director Haig Balian, Artis’s new wayfinding system is a visual hit.

“I’ve been walking around Artis daily for years and this year I really enjoyed the effect of the new signage. Visitors, from both the Netherlands and abroad, stop at the sign posts, translate the pictograms into animals and discuss them. A visual hit as far as I’m concerned, because everybody understands them and they cause many families great anticipation and excitement.”

Since 2012, Artis is equipped with an entirely new wayfinding system in keeping with the Artis style. Visitors can follow the signs to their chosen destination, or follow the emblems for the Artis walk – a scenic route along the highlights of the park.
Each signpost features a Dutch native bird: species like magpie, starling and barn owl. By using the new signposts and a map, everybody can compose their own route.

Artis - Mijksenaar

A legend, applied on the pole so children can read it, explains the animal symbols

Artis - Mijksenaar

A magpie on top of a signpost