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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – P1 Parking

Quality upgrade for Schiphol’s largest parking

Schiphol Parking   Completion: 2013

In 2012 Schiphol initiated a campaign to improve the quality of the airport, including an update of signage.

One part of the project focused on new pictograms for the parking garages. Mijksenaar recommended Dutch illustrator Max Kisman for the job, and he received the commission.

One goal of the project was the creation of an integral solution for three factors that influence the user’s experience of an airport parking garage: wayfinding, decoration and public announcements. Mijksenaar proposed the use of wayfinding pictograms that double as decorative and functional elements, as exemplified by extra-large pictograms on walls next to lifts.

Schiphol parking P1

Remember ‘Farmer’s wife’ to find your car on return

Schiphol parking P1

The numbers indicate the availability of parking spaces