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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

A promise of happiness

Schiphol Group   Completion: 1990–ongoing

Mijksenaar has been responsible for signage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 1990. The work includes access routes, parking, buildings, and piers. The wayfinding system is complemented by maps, a flight-information system, instructions, escape route signage, and spatial zoning advice. A comprehensive update of signage, a makeover meant an increase in satisfaction of both passengers and the airport.

Schiphol Airport is seen as the ultimate example in airport signage worldwide and has won several prizes.

At Schiphol, colors are coupled to certain types of information. Yellow signs provide information on arrivals and departures, for example, while blue signs refer to shopping and restaurant-café facilities, anthracite to waiting areas, and green to escape routes.

‘Working for Schiphol means …’ Jiska van Veen – Project manager

Paul Mijksenaar’s expert walkthrough of Schiphol Airport