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Paul Mijksenaar winner Piet Zwart Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Designer Paul Mijksenaar will receive the BNO Piet Zwart Award, which is a lifetime achievement award, on October 24th during the Award Show of the Dutch Design Awards.

The award is an honourable distinction conferred on an outstanding designer who has had a strong impact on the discipline and fulfils an exemplary role for subsequent generations of designers. Some 40 professionals in the Dutch design community nominated candidates for the award. The jury unanimously chose to award the BNO Piet Zwart Award 2015 to Paul Mijksenaar.

Mijksenaar is the specialist in the field of information design and wayfinding. He is able to communicate complex information in a crystal clear manner, and his agency has gained international renown for his wayfinding at airports, museums and hospitals across the world.

From the jury report: ‘In an ever more complex world, information design and wayfinding are becoming increasingly relevant. His design approach, based on data analysis and organization, is as essential as it is urgently needed. His highly accessible publications, and his professorship at Delft University of Technology have all contributed effectively to the dissemination of his philosophy, as does the recently established ‘Paul Mijksenaar Award’ for functional design.’

Photo Copyright: jeanbaptisteparis (CC BY-SA 2.0)

More information in the press release (Word)