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Park your bike 7 meters under sea level. It’s a Dutch thing.

The largest bicycle parking facility in Amsterdam – containing approximately 7,000 spaces – will be built in the water in front of the main entrance to Amsterdam Central Station, in the area that served as the bus station until recently.

The parking is located between Prins Hendrikkade and Stationsplein and below the water surface, more than 9 meters below ground level (and even has a dam!). The construction of this -7.5 NAP bicycle parking station has already started; the idea is to soon have water buses sail above it.

Cross-section of the facility by wUrck

Smooth transition

The bicycle parking facility is part of project De Entree, which is intended to renew the entire station area on the city centre side in the coming years. Just like in Amsterdam’s other 25 covered or indoor bicycle parking facilities, Mijksenaar will ensure that people can find their way to the station and back to their bicycles (we are involved in the Stationseiland project as well).

A direct, covered corridor connects the bicycle parking to the metro station; from the metro station, travellers can use the new Cuyperstrap to reach the train station. Inside the parking, green lights will indicate free spaces so that travellers can see where to park at a glance.

A small city of bicycles

By 2030 the station area will accommodate ‘a small city of bicycles’ (21,500 in total) as a new bicycle parking facility on the IJ side will be completed by 2023. Due to the arrival of this huge parking facility, the famous bicycle tower on the west side of the station might eventually disappear.

The underground bicycle parking’s construction at the centre side will be completed next year. In the meantime, stay tuned and watch the project grow via the live cam.


City of Amsterdam and Max Bögl & Partners. Architecture office wUrck is responsible for the design of the bicycle parking station.

Main visual by Municipality of Amsterdam