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New wayfinding for Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, designed by Mijksenaar

We are happy to announce that the Amsterdam UMC has called on us for advice on new wayfinding of its public buildings.

Amsterdam UMC’s current wayfinding system evolved over time. Mijksenaar is working on a completely new system that focuses on sustainable management. This represents an improvement that will mainly benefit the end users: visitors that have to find their way through the hospital. An additional reason for the renewal is the administrative merger of the two academic hospitals AMC¹ and VUmc.

As project manager Thoas Hooning van Duyvenbode noted: ‘To us, the project is a success if all users, from patients to students and from visitors to surgeons, can navigate the building intuitively, pleasantly and without stress. The fact that crystal-clear and attractive wayfinding makes a positive contribution to the state of mind of patients is essential to our process. That’s why we’re making every effort to realize a uniform design that includes the waiting que screens, instructions, floor plans and information desks in all of the 19 buildings.’

The new system will be completed by mid-2021 mid-2022, after the selection of a manufacturer. Expectations are that Amsterdam UMC will take over some or all of the management at that time.

¹Amsterdam UMC is in the top 50 of The World’s Best Hospitals 2020.