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New Burgers’ Zoo map shows visitors their favorite animal!

Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, one of the biggest zoos in the Netherlands, will be introducing a new wayfinding system. The first item to be designed was a pocket-sized map of the park.

Burgers’ is characterized by a rolling green landscape and consists of seven areas which give visitors the impression that they are actually seeing the animals in their natural habitat. A visitor survey conducted by Burgers’ Zoo plainly showed that the new map needed to be both attractive and functional. Mijksenaar was invited to develop a new map (and wayfinding concept) for the zoo. This was part of the introduction of a new corporate identity.

The map, which is now available at the zoo, has been received with great enthusiasm. Tim Lammers, marketeer at Burgers’ Zoo, says: ‘A highly varied collection of animals is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a zoo. By showing the seven ecodisplays on the map, Mijksenaar adds an extra dimension to the visitor’s experience. The map is clearer, more compact and easy to hold. We’re already noticing that it’s being used more and is landing less often in the bins!’

In July 2014, visitors will have the benefit of the new wayfinding system in the park itself.

This article first appeared in our newsletter Flows nr. 2, 2014