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Moynihan Train Hall: New York’s newest landmark station

Bold and iconic wayfinding reflects the station’s grand design

Mijksenaar is honored to have contributed as a wayfinding consultant to the success of the newly opened Moynihan Train Hall station. The station ushers the return to a glamorous era of rail travel associated with the original Pennsylvania Station. This new transportation hub in the midtown neighborhood gives New Yorkers and visitors a new grand entrance into the City and provides a new home for Amtrak and Long Island Railroad.

Wayfinding for the station needed to be clear, bold and iconic to reflect the grand design of the station. The new signage system seamlessly complements the environment, providing direction to the many platforms, entrances and exits to Penn Station and the surrounding neighborhood.

Bringing local and international wayfinding knowledge to the project, Mijksenaar’s New York City office led a collaborative design team made up of experts from both our offices. The team designed the new wayfinding strategy and standards, signage throughout the complex, several other information graphics as well as the new station maps.

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Moynihan Train Hall: It’s Stunning. And, a First Step. (The New York Times)