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Mijksenaar’s Digital Airport Index Americas

After the successful launch of the Digital Airport Index Europe in March 2017, Mijksenaar launched the 2017 Digital Airport Index for North America and Latin America today.

The Index compares and rates the digital customer journey on: connectivity, communication, consistency and commerce. Have a look at the results at and request a personalized report of a specific airport or region.

Some findings:

  • 28% of the airports offer indoor navigation through a personal device, a service that nowadays could be expected to be commonplace;
  • only one of the airports offers e-shopping facilities. Offering this service helps the passenger make efficient use of their time, and increases the user experience;
  • as much as 80% of airports use consistent usernames across their online platforms such as website, app and social media.

The Digital Airport
With the Digital Airport Index, we created a resource for anyone interested in the digital transformation of airports. A resource that will make it easy to compare how well the world’s airports are faring in giving the new digital travelers what they need.

CEO Herbert Seevinck and Chief Digital Fred Inklaar share their thoughts in this article on why it is important for airports to be up to date with their digital identity, infrastructure and services.