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Mijksenaar designs and develops Covid-19 sign toolbox for ProRail

The 6ft society measures will remain in place for some time, and the public transportation sector is preparing practical measures to be able to transport passengers responsibly now and in the future. Railway operators NS and ProRail will gradually introduce new Covid-19 measures across all stations.

Navigating the ‘new normal’ at railway stations
ProRail asked Mijksenaar to develop a sign toolbox to communicate the new Covid-19 safety measures in all stations. The toolbox is modular and can be easily and quickly implemented at different-sized train stations across the Netherlands.

The new ‘rules’ follow ProRail’s recognizable visual language but instead are yellow and black. This color choice was made because it’s more conspicuous, it distinguishes from regular signage, and it’s a color combination used more often for temporary signage. Traffic symbols are used for one-way traffic because travelers will already be familiar with them.

The toolbox is available to carriers (such as NS and Arriva) as well, to communicate as unambiguous as possible.

Link to original press release (Dutch)