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Meet the experts – meet Mijksenaar

In a series of short films, our designers share their ideas on their projects by explaining their motives. Their firm conviction is that ultimately their work is all about the user.

Rijk Boerma – Art director and partner
‘I can really lose my way completely. So that I don’t know if I need to go one way, or the other way, or another way. Completely lost …’

Jiska van Veen – Project manager
‘Since I’ve worked at Mijksenaar, I actually never walk through an area or airport or train station anymore without being aware of how the wayfinding is organised, how sensible the route is …’

Atja Apituley – Project manager
‘Mijksenaar’s style has a lot to do with ergonomic factors as well as a certain timelessness.’

Leendert Duivenvoorden – Project manager
‘Every project has its own exceptions and what is really fascinating for me in that is that for every exception, I want to drive back that exception towards the basic design that we originally laid out.’

Fenne Roefs – Senior project manager
‘What we mean by ‘natural wayfinding’ is that you lay out a space in such a way, that you make it possible for people to find their way without needing extra information.’

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