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Improving the passenger journey

Project manager Jiska van Veen illustrates current projects at Schiphol Airport.

The current renovation and central security operation at Schiphol Airport was the impetus for Mijksenaar for getting to work on several areas. Construction is going on at many locations, much of it in consultation with Mijksenaar (in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel NACO and others).

Project manager Jiska van Veen explains.

Schiphol and Mijksenaar?
The collaboration between Schiphol and Mijksenaar began nearly 25 years ago. During the construction of Pier G and Departures 3 in 1990, Paul Mijksenaar and his team even had their own office at Schiphol Airport. Currently a core team designers are assigned to be the airport’s contact persons. This means they work on Schiphol projects on a regular basis. The airport’s renovation has meant the expansion of our Schiphol team.

Can you explain our role as wayfinding consultant?
Within this long-standing collaborative relationship, we are happy to function as Schiphol’s wayfinding consultant. Our work spans a highly diverse range of activities, from giving advice on flow and floor plans to developing pictograms and designing information that improves the passenger’s travel comfort. In addition to everything that’s happening inside the terminal, we also consult on projects for airport parking facilities and roads leading into and away from Schiphol Airport.

What exactly is our role in the construction and central security projects?
We have an overview of the wayfinding and flow aspects and, in particular, of the transition points between one area and another. Our point of departure is the ‘customer journey’ – in other words, the trip that the passenger makes and that does not end at any single area. On a more abstract level, we study the passenger experience. These activities include, for example, research into ‘natural wayfinding’. This means putting the passenger centre stage and helps Schiphol to consolidate their role as Europe’s preferred airport.

When are these projects scheduled for completion?
All projects discussed here are being carried out partly simultaneously. The work involved will continue for at least two more years.

This Q&A first appeared in our newsletter Flows nr. 1, 2014