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How efficient is your airport’s wayfinding?

Mijksenaar has teamed up with J.D. Power, the global consumer research firm, to bring you the Signage Special Report.

Navigation around the airport is perennially one of the top passenger priorities in the J. D. Power North American Airport Study. How does your airport measure up? Does your wayfinding have any weaknesses? Is there any particular part of your airport that causes confusion?

What can you learn from airports with top-rated wayfinding and signage? What ‘low-hanging fruit’ improvements could improve your wayfinding? What would a superior wayfinding experience look like at your airport?

The J.D. Power Signage Special Report benchmarks your airport against other North American airports. It consists of a detailed evaluation of your current wayfinding and an instructive analysis.

As an additional service, Mijksenaar offers an Expert Walkthrough to understand specific complexities to your airport, and propose tailored solutions.

Learn more about the J.D. Power Signage Special Report