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The Mijksenaar team kicks off in Arnhem

The opening ceremony of the new Arnhem Central Station recently took place. The parking garage under the station has however proven difficult for people to find their way around. The unusual shapes of the signage for pedestrians and stairwells create more confusion than anything else. Finding your car can be quite an endeavour.

Working together with the city of Arnhem and the architect, Mijksenaar is working on a solution for the parking garage.
The current level numbers cause confusion. In some cases, because of the ramps, motorists can see three different level numbers at the same time. Replacing the numbers with symbols makes it easier for visitors to remember where they parked. Each symbol represents an animal that can be found in De Hoge Veluwe National Park.

According to Kim Leenards, senior information designer at Mijksenaar, visitors will likely be able to make their way out of the parking garage more easily come Spring 2017.