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European cycle highways: on the right track

‘If complicated things look easy and feel intuitive, much attention has been paid to the amount of information, readability and its conspicuousness. Then our wayfinding mission succeeded.’

Says Joost de Kruijf of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Last Thursday Breda University of Applied Sciences, Municipality of Tilburg and the Provincie Noord-Brabant welcomed 150 participants to the Cycle Highway Academy on Wayfinding. Among them the teams who actually realized the F261 aka Cycle Highway Hart van Brabantroute:
Municipality of Waalwijk, Municipality of Loon op Zand, Brabant mobiliteitsnetwerk, Ons Brabant Fietst as well as the European CHIPS partners.

Heleen Buijs of Mijksenaar elaborated on the wayfinding concepts:

‘The beauty of the Cycle Highway Academy is to be part of a group of 150 people with different nationalities and backgrounds who all cycled the entire route in one day and gave their feedback on the concepts.
And it was great to see the actual wayfinding plans and designs that we have been working on over the past year. Invaluable!’

See below for a photo impression of the day (photography by Thoas Hooning van Duyvenbode).

In the press
A special edition of Cycle Highway Academy on wayfinding (via Interreg NWE)
Internationaal gezelschap test snelfietsroute Tilburg-Waalwijk (via Ons Brabant Fietst)

All guests got on a bicycle and experienced the wayfinding on the ‘F261’ themselves

A participant writes down points of improvement on a post-it note

Each of the two wayfinding concepts were rated by cyclists

At each of the ‘pitch stops’ along the route people participated in a short research