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Design philosophy

Reliability is everything

We need to earn our users’ respect every day. It only takes one weak link to break a chain. If one sign fails, people lose faith in the entire system.

With this in mind, we developed our 5 Cs, a quality assurance checklist we apply to every project we work on:

  • Clear – Does it simplify the complex?
  • Comprehensive – Is it usable by everyone, anytime?
  • Consistent – Is it reliable from beginning to end?
  • Conspicuous – Is it visible and legible?
  • Catchy – 
Does it attract and focus the attention?

Paul Mijksenaar

Build on what’s good

We’ve learned a lot over the years about what works, so we never start from scratch. We adapt form to follow function. We take proven concepts and apply our expertise and creativity to make each project truly individual.

Aim to be ignored

A wayfinding system is a means to an end. You just want to find what you’re looking for — whether it’s your gate at an unfamiliar airport, a building on a large campus, or one specific painting in a museum. We don’t want anyone to think about our wayfinding or even notice that they’re being guided. We just want them to arrive.